10th Class Computer Science Guess Papers 2024

Computer science is an interesting and amazing science subject. The students of matric have the choice to select either biology or computer science. So, the students which are interested in computer science. And want to adopt this subject in their future career choose this subject. For better preparation for this subject in the exam, the 10th class computer science guesses paper 2024 is available here for all students of the 10th class. Because the students can easily get these important guess papers from here. Matric Class Computer Science Guess Papers 2024. 10th Class Computer Science Guess Papers 2024

Matric Computer Guess Papers 2024

For the practice of the computer science board exams, these computer guess papers for class 10th are very beneficial. So, these guess papers give you an idea about your computer science board exam. Computer science guess paper is made exactly according to your board exam. Because these guess papers consist of the same number of MCQs, short questions and long questions which will be asked in the board exam. But you can get better practice for exams through these important matric computer science guess papers.

Guess Papers of Computer Science for Matric

Your board exam pattern is followed in these guess papers. These beneficial guess papers are provided to students in both Urdu medium and English medium. The students can also download the computer science 10th  guess paper in pdf and can get an idea about their exam. Our experienced teachers made these guess papers according to the Punjab board pattern. Now, 10th-class students can get these guess papers online on ilmroshni website and can also download them. 10th Class Computer Science Guess Papers 2024.

Guess Paper Computer Class 10th All Punjab Board

There will be 3 long questions in the computer science paper of the 10th class. The students will have to attempt 2 long questions each carrying 8 marks. In this way, a total of 16 marks paper will be covered with long questions. So, if you learn these important long questions.

Important questions for the 2024 pdf download

Chapter-wise Important Questions

The important questions are given from every chapter below. It includes important short questions and important long questions in the English medium.

Chapter No 1 (Introduction to Programming)

Important definitions:

IDE, Compiler, program, programmer, debugging, syntax, variable, constant

Important short questions:

1. Differentiate between char and int data types.

2. Write two rules for naming variables

3. Name two high level programming languages

4. What is a header file?

5. What is meant by declaration of variable?

6. What is meant by numeric constant?

7. Write the syntax for initiating a variable.

8. What is meant by data type of a variable?

Important long questions:

1. Define a program and explain the programming environment.

2. Define variables. Explain its data types.

 Chapter No. 2 (User Interaction)

Important definitions

Statement terminator, format specifier, scanf function, escape sequence, rational operator, arithmetic operator, logical operator, assignment operator, operators, relational operators

Important short questions:

1. Name four operators used in C language.

2. Write uses of AND operator.

3. Write uses of OR operator.

4. Write Use of NOT operator.

5. What is meant by precedence of an operator

6. Write the syntax of printf()

7. Important Long Questions:

8. Explain Printf(), scanf(), and getch() fuinctions

9. What are logical operators? Explain any THREE Logical operators.

10. Define escape sequence. Explain different escape sequences that are used in C language.

Important Programs Questions

1. Write a program that takes the input the length of one side of a quadrilateral and calculate the area of it.

2. Write a program that takes 2-digit number form user, computes the product of both digits and shows the output.

3. Write a program that displays the following outputs using single printf() statement.

4. Write a program that takes the radius of a circle as input. The program should calculate and display the area of the circle.

 Chapter No. 3 (conditional logic)

Important definitions

Control statement, selection statement, sequential control, condition

 Important short questions:

1. Differentiate between if statement and if-else statement.

2. What are nested selection structures?

 Important Long questions:

1. Explain the structure of if-else statement in details.

2. Explain the if-else statement.

Important Programs questions

 1. Write a program that takes the percentage of students as an input and displays “Pass” if the percentage is above 50.

2. Write a program that takes 2 integers as input and tells whether the first one is a factor of the second one.

3. Write a program that takes a number as input and displays “Yes” if the input number is a multiple of 3, and has 5 in unit’s place.

 Unit 4 (Data and Repetition)

Important Definitions

Data Structure, Array, Loop structure, loop, nested loop, loop body

Important Short questions

1. Write syntax of for loop

2. Explain two purposes of using loops

Important long questions

1. Write a program that stores the ages of 5 persons in an array and then display on screen.

2. Write a program that displays the values from 1-10 on computer screen

3. Write a program that adds corresponding elements of two arrays.

4. Write a program that displays factorials numbers from 1-7

Unit 5 (Functions)

Important definitions

Functions, built-in functions, function parameters, user-defined function

Important short questions

1. What is meant by calling a function?

2. Write two advantages of using functions.

3. Write the syntax of the function signature.

Important Long questions

1. Write four advantages of functions

2. Write a function int square(int x); to calculate the square of an integer x.