11th Class Civics Guess Papers 2024

CIVICS at the 11th class level is a very important subject both at school and college levels. It tells us the ways of improving our society by telling about our past. The students of 1st year should select this subject at the matric and intermediate levels. They should also do a BS or Master’s degree in this subject. All the teachers are advised to take steps to improve the interests of students in this subject. Master’s degree in this subject is done in All universities in Pakistan such as Punjab University Lahore, BZU and Gomal University D.I.Khan. Because as all of you know that CIVICS is the subject of society and politics. 11th Class Civics Guess Papers 2024.

Civics 11th Class Guess Paper 2024

CIVICS subject at the intermediate level explains many aspects of the politics of Pakistan and the politics of Muslims in the subcontinent that affect education. It tells about the rise and fall of the education system of any country. There is great importance of this subject for the improvement of the education system of any country. The benefits of studying this subject are as follows,

  • It helps both teachers and students to manage their education.
  • Teachers can improve their teaching methods by studying and following this subject.
  • It tells about our past. So, students can get guidelines on to spend their life.
  • It tells about the failure of different educational policies in Pakistan and other countries of the world.
  • It also tells about the geography of Pakistan and of other worlds.
  • This subject gives knowledge about the judiciary system of Pakistan and other countries of the world.
  • It gives knowledge of wars and agreements of different countries of the world.
  • It tells about the relationship between different countries of the world.
  • It tells about different movements that developed in the subcontinent before the division.

Guess Civics Class 1st Year

The study of CIVICS in 11th class helps us to understand different issues of society and politics. It also helps in education and health. But unfortunately, it is not considered an important subject by most teachers and students. Most teachers and students give more importance to English, mathematics, computer and science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc). They spend much of their time in the study and learning all subjects other than CIVICS. 11th Class Civics Guess Papers 2024

FA Part 1 Civics Guess Paper 2024

In fact, CIVICS at the inter-level is the main subject. It should be considered the most important subject in the field of education. Because it tells us about the issues that occurred in the past. All the subjects have equal marks distribution. So, teachers and students are advised to manage their time for all the subjects. Science tells us about nature and also different happenings occurring in the universe and nature. But CIVICS tells us about past, social and political aspects of the life of human beings. So, we cannot ignore the study of CIVICS.

Inter Part 1 Civics Guess 2024

All the teachers and students worked hard in the study of science subjects, English and mathematics. They consider CIVICS as an easy subject. As a result, they could not get good marks on the paper of the subject CIVICS in the annual examination. And they cannot achieve good grades in the overall result of both matric and intermediate level. So, all the students and teachers are advised to give importance to the subject CIVICS. For this purpose, our team is working hard to minimize the problems of both teachers and students. Our team is trying to develop notes and guess papers of all subjects for all levels (school & College level). So, all the students and teachers are advised to view or download their required notes and guess papers without any cost.

Marks distribution of this subject is as follows,

Objective (MCQs) (20X01)20
Short Questions (20X02)40
Long Questions (3X10)40

CIVICS is an optional (elective) subject both at the school level and college level in Pakistan. This subject clears different important concepts about the history of the humans of Pakistan and of another world. It also explains different issues related to politics in the subcontinent.