12th Class 2nd Year Result 2024 BISE Bahawalpur

The 12th class result 2024 of BISE Bahawalpur will be announced in September 2024. The 12th class is also called 2nd Year. It is called College education. After completing college education the students get admission in the Universities. The students of all boards can check their results on ilmroshni.com and also can print their marks sheet also. Dear students, we are praying our best for your brilliant future. 12th Class 2nd Year Result 2024 BISE Bahawalpur

12th Class Result 2024 BISE Bahawalpur Board

The Bahawalpur Board is well-known educational board in Pakistan. It is responsible for conducting intermediate and matriculation examinations. It holds examinations for various educational catagories, including science, arts, commerce, and computer. The 2nd-year result from the Bahawalpur Board holds immense significance for students as it determines their eligibility for higher education and career opportunities.

12 Class Total Marks

The passing percentages, grades, and marks calculation are mentioned in the given table through which you can easily understand your numbers in the result.

180% and above marks840 or more marksA+
270% and above but below 80%735 to 839 marksA
360% and above but below 70%630 to 734 marksB
450% and above but below 60%525 to 629 marksC
540% and above but below 50%420 to 524 marksD
6Below 40% to minimum pass marksBelow 420 to minimum pass marksE

2nd Year Result 2024 BISE Bahawalpur Board

Achieving a good result in the 2nd year from the Bahawalpur Board opens doors to numerous higher education opportunities. Universities and colleges often consider the intermediate examination results during the admission process. A remarkable result showcases a student’s academic prowess and increases their chances of securing admission into prestigious educational institutions. It not only provides them with a chance to pursue their desired field of study but also sets the foundation for a successful academic career. 12th Class 2nd Year Result 2024 BISE Bahawalpur.

12th Class Result 2024 of All Punjab Board

The 2nd-year result from the Bahawalpur Board also influences a student’s professional prospects. Many organizations and employers consider the academic achievements of potential candidates when making hiring decisions. A strong result can give students a competitive edge and enhance their employability. It demonstrates their dedication, commitment, and ability to meet challenges, making them more desirable to prospective employers.

12th Class Result 2024 Punjab Board

The 2nd-year result is not only important for academic and professional reasons but also contributes significantly to personal growth and confidence. Obtaining a favorable result boosts a student’s self-esteem, motivating them to strive for excellence in future endeavors. It instills a sense of accomplishment and validates their hard work and dedication. Moreover, a good result encourages students to set higher goals, pursue their passions, and believe in their abilities.

Note: FA FSc 2nd year annual examination result of all Punjab boards is getting to declare on 23 September 202at 10:00 A.M.

12 Class Result 2024 Punjab Board

In many societies, including Bahawalpur, there are high expectations associated with academic performance. Parents and society, in general, place great importance on academic results as a measure of success and progress. The 2nd-year result, being a significant milestone, carries the weight of these expectations. Attaining a favorable outcome not only fulfills these expectations but also brings pride and satisfaction to the student, their family, and the community.

Strategies for Achieving a Good Marks In 12th Class

To maximize the chances of obtaining a favorable 2nd-year result from the Bahawalpur Board, students should adopt effective study strategies and techniques. Here are a few tips to excel in the examinations:

  • Organize a Study Schedule
  • Seek Guidance and Support
  • Practice Regularly
  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Stay Motivated and Positive

Check 12th Class Result 2024 by SMS

To get your result through SMS, you need to send the roll number to the specific code. Each city has its code. The complete list of codes is given below:

Boards NameSMS Codes
BISE Lahore BoardSend your roll number to 80092
BISE Rawalpindi BoardSend your roll number to 800296
BISE Faisalabad BoardSend your roll number to 800240
BISE Sargodha BoardSend your roll number to 800290
BISE Multan BoardSend your roll number to 800293
BISE Sahiwal BoardSend your roll number to 800292
BISE Gujranwala BoardSend your roll number to 800299
BISE DG Khan BoardSend your roll number to 800295
BISE Bahawalpur BoardSend your roll number to 800298
BISE Federal BoardSend “FB Your Roll Number” send to 5050

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