Program of Work Chemistry Class 9th 2024

The best method of exam preparation is the study according to the program of work. On this website, the students will be able to download programs of work for different all subjects of 9th, 10th, 1st Year, 2nd Year, FA, FSc, and ICS. If students will do their exams preparation by following these programs of work. Then they will get good marks beyond their expectations. So, they will improve their excellent grades on final exams certificate. Program of Work Chemistry Class 9th 2024

Chemistry 9th Class Program of work 2024

Most students feel difficulties in subjects preparation for exams. There are different reasons for it. The most important reason for it is the lack of proper guidance. Most teachers work their best for exam preparation but students could not show good results. Such teachers and students should follow this program of work. It will be fruitful for them. Program of Work Chemistry 9th Class.

Programme of Chemistry Class 9th 2024 All Punjab Boards

All humans are chemists. Humans use chemicals in daily life. They perform chemical reactions without having thought in their brain. Chemistry is important because it plays a very crucial role in our daily life. Our body is also made of chemicals. The protoplasm of humans has 65% Oxygen, 10% Hydrogen, and 18% Carbon. A chemical change occurs when you breathe or eat. All matter is made of chemicals, so the importance of chemistry is that it’s the study of everything.

Chemistry 9th Class Scheme 2024 All Punjab Boards

Chemistry also plays a very important role in pharmacology. Pharmacology is the study of medications. Without chemistry, we would have no drugs and medicines. Using knowledge of chemistry, pharmaceutical chemists develop new drugs for animals and humans.